You must always stay true to yourself, that is the best thing ever. If you hide the truth and keep on sweeping the truth under the carpet, eventually somebody will pick the carpet up and it will hit you in your face a million times more. The truth is a wonderful thing but if you hide the truth it will eventually take over your life. 


About milamooj

I am just a girl who appreciates LIFE and want to just have fun and explore the world. I love to teach people new things and I love to help and give back to the community in all forms. I want to learn new things everyday, to grow me into a better human being everyday. I find that many people want to learn and explore but they just do not have the needs that they need to make that a reality, so what a better way to learn and explore together with me and we can grow together into better people. Now about my BLOG. My blog does not have a set theme that I will be talking about because I have so much that I want to share with people everyday, that is way my blog is called 'Tatatwo'. Nelson Mandela was affectionately known as Tata. Nelson Mandela was a free man for 23 years and wanted to explore and meet new people without being judge for what he did.

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